KHIRY Fine - Nude 18-karat Gold Cuff

KHIRY Fine KHIRY Fine - Nude 18-karat Gold Cuff

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About KHIRY Fine - Nude 18-karat Gold Cuff

KHIRY Fine is sponsored by three suppliers, all of whom provided materials to its latest collection: diamonds from Hearts on Fire, emeralds from Muzo Emerald Colombia, and gold from a single mine origin source, from the Betts Group. Founder Jameel Mohammed draws inspiration from the African Diaspora and this cuff is an evolution of the brand's signature curved 'Khartoum' silhouette, inspired by the horns of cattle herded by the Sudanese Dinka tribe. It's crafted from 18-karat gold supplied by The Betts Group in an open shape that gradually tapers from one end to the other.NET-A-PORTER is proud to be supporting the Chicago Multicultural Dance Center.NET-A-PORTER will be donating 15% of the profits* from the sale of selected KHIRY Fine jewelry, designed by former CMDC student Jameel Mohammed. *Profits means the sale price of the product less operational and landing costs, including transportation fees, customs, duties, taxes, insurance, currency conversion, crating, handling and payment fees. - Slips on - NET-A-PORTER is a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council