What is Wheretoget?

Did you ever see an outfit on a blog or on the street that you just loved but had no idea where to buy? (We know this is a problem for many girls at least!) Well Wheretoget helps you find exactly this and even more!

How is it possible? Thanks to an online community of thousands of fashion addicts! Just post the photo with the look you’re trying to find, tell what it is that you want in it and the community will do the rest. It's like Shazam for fashion! (without the algorithms)

A member asked the bag and the shoes

In other words, Wheretoget is an online fashion community where members post and share looks that they like regularly, but where they also help each other to find looks they’re looking for!

It seems like the perfect idea, and it is! This site was made for you, no matter who you are or what style you like. You’ll be surprised to see how fast you’ll get a link to an online shop where you can get what you were looking for.

It's not without reason that it was called "the yellow pages for fashion"!

More than just about "where to get"

Wheretoget is much more than just posting pictures and asking where to get looks. It's also about getting inspired, sharing your fashion tips and meeting other people interested or passionate about fashion! Below we describe all the different features more in detail.

Find what your looking for

A member asked the bag and the shoes

This is the main concept of Wheretoget and what the site is based on. This is possible thanks to the feature which allows you to post a look and to have answers through our members.

If you see a look that you like on the site, but it doesn't have a tip yet to know where to get it, you can "ask too" and you will be informed when someone posts a tip for this look. When many members ask for the same look, it appears in the "most requested" menu, which makes it even more interesting to find for our fashion addict members!

Create your personal fashion page

When you sign up on Wheretoget you get your personal profile page, which will be tailored to YOUR own taste when you start to like and to follow different looks. Looks that you ask for, post a link for or like, will be displayed on your personal profile. Therefore, your profile page will be personalized to your fashion taste and style :-)

Get inspired

I really want a big ring!

It's all about finding inspiration and there are numerous ways for that on Wheretoget! You can follow celebrities, TV shows, bloggers and trends that you like or just a particular fashion item that you may be interested in buying.

Once you start following something or someone, you will get updates on your dashboard (note that the dashboard and profile page are not the same) as soon as there's a new look posted. This way, your dashboard will only contain looks that you (probably most) like and that you are likely to get inspired from.

If you're looking for inspiration elsewhere, you can just check out the "latest looks" and you will see what people are looking for at the moment. Don’t forget that another way to get inspire dis to follow other members who share the same fashion tastes as you! Besides, you can bond with other members easily this way ; after all we’re a community!

These bikinis are so cute, perfect for the summer!
Hmm, might go for the rock'n roll- look tonight…
I just love her style

Help someone and collect points

Maybe you are a fashion freak and know every brand and garment ever created, or you just love the feeling you get when you've found a look and you can proudly be the first one to answer a request. Either way, you are a great help to the community and you won't be forgotten!

Top members of the week

When you help someone by posting a comment or a link to an online shop, you get points. If this person is satisfied with your tip you will (hopefully) get one or more "thanks" for your work and you will collect even more points.

These points will be displayed on your profile page and if you’ve been posting tips actively, you will be rewarded by being listed in our "Top Members" list. This list can be found on the homepage for every member and you will also be suggested as a member to follow when a new member signs up!

To sum up, Wheretoget is full of useful and fun features and anyone, anywhere can find their way to use it!