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  • 2013
  • 26 March 2013SPOTTED! TOP 3 most shared street style pictures from the FW are…

    PARIS, FRANCE, Mar. 26, 2013 — Wheretoget, a fashion and technology company that is built by a team of fashion enthusiasts and engineers are constantly crawling the web for the latest trends. To sum up the latest Fashion Week in their own way they have done a ranking of the most popular looks from the streets of NY, London, Milan and Paris during the A/W 2013 fashion shows. has put an effort to it and identified the most popular street style looks from the latest Fashion Weeks. This is done with an image recognition technology that enables an identification of similar pictures all around the web.

    "We have computed social signals on Fashion Week pictures such as number of re-blog on Tumblr, number of re-pin on Pinterest and number of shares on Facebook", CEO Romain Moyne explains. " This allows us to map the pictures that are the most popular", he adds. The analyze was done Wednesday 21th of Mars and the result will of course change with time, with people reblogging pictures every day on the web.

    What can be distinguished from the result is that some pictures are spread with an incredible speed and some are not. Important factors influencing the pictures degree of popularity are the content, the quality of the picture, the source of the picture and the pictures "lifetime" on the web.

    What also can be observed is that fashion bloggers clearly have reached the same level of popularity as celebs and models when it comes to big fashion events. And that the street is almost as important as the shows for designers, who dress the hottest it- girls and bloggers in their latest designs.

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    About Wheretoget
    The company is located in the “Sentier neighborhood” in Paris, well known for being the heart of the Internet and clothing industry in the world's fashion center. Officially launched in 2011 the community has rapidly expanded and is still. In the last 6 months it has been multiplied by 6 and by this day millions of visitors have used Wheretoget to shop.

    Romain Moyne, CEO and co-founder of Wheretoget started his first company at age 16 and has since then provided for himself as a web entrepreneur.
    It was during his time with his last company (also about fashion and web) that the idea for Wheretoget came to light. A high demand of knowing where to buy the clothes that were displayed was observed and that's where it all started.

  • 21 March 2013WHERETOGET.COM helps people buy the looks they have seen during the Fashion Weeks but don’t know ‘where to get’

    PARIS, FRANCE, Mar. 21, 2013 — Fashion Weeks are over and thousands of pictures of celebrities, It-girls, models, bloggers and fashion reporters in stylish outfits are now spread on the Internet through fashion blogs, online fashion magazines, Tumblr and Pinterest... locates “where to get” all these clothes thanks to a community that finds the items on e-shops and post the links on the website. is an online fashion community, which solves a common problem for many fashion enthusiasts all around the world: Where to buy clothes they’ve seen on the street or on the web? <i>“We solve this issue by establishing a fantastic community of international fashion lovers that can answer to nearly every request by posting direct links to e-shops”</i> says Romain Moyne, CEO of <i>“We like to compare to Shazam, but for fashion”</i>, he adds.

    Anyone can post a picture on Wheretoget by:

    • uploading a picture from a computer
    • using the “Ask where to get” button
    • using the mobile web app when taking a picture of someone/something in the street and posting it instantly with a smartphone.

    80% of the time, the world wide active community (40% USA, 25% France, 10% UK) manages to find a store that sells the same or similar item that has been asked for. Answers are usually delivered within a few hours. “Our community is our biggest asset, they are experts, they find tiny e-shops that any algorithm could not replace.” adds Romain Moyne.

    On top of that, celebrities, bloggers, trends, brands and TV shows can be followed to get notified when a new outfit of – for instance - a Pretty Little Liars actress is available on the website. “In addition to getting answers when posting a picture on, the service is very useful for finding inspiration and to be able to actually buy what inspires you” says Aurélien Appéré, co-founder of

    The company is located in Paris, France. Officially launched in 2012 the community is rapidly expanding. In the last 6 months’s audience has been multiplied by 6 and today millions of visitors have used the website to shop.