Why Wear Neoprene? Here Are 5 Pretty Awesome Reasons

Not just for scuba divers.

Image: Fake-leather.com
It’s time to debunk the fallacy that neoprene, like Vegemite, is only reserved for niche members of the population with freaky taste. Neoprene is so much more than the go-to material for scuba divers, and we’ve got five reasons as to why you should start incorporating the fabric into your wardrobe.

Large, boxy tops are a tried-and-true neoprene classic. These babies have easily become a staple of the fabric over the years because for one, the material allows for the top to keep its structural shape (in other words, zero wrinkles) and, secondly, the fabric (a kind of synthetic, spongey rubber) is light as the proverbial.  


Because neoprene fabric is so good at holding its shape, clothes and accessories made with the material become a minimalist fashionista's dream. You simply won't be able to find a knit dress that can make you look like a life-like Cubist painting like a neoprene frock.  

Neoprene adds that high-fashion je ne sais quoi  to any outfit. Remember when it became a staple of the enigmatically chic health goths, and then started popping up in collections by designers like Alexander Wang

Neoprene swimsuits are everything. They're sexy but not skimpy (looking at you, crocheted bikinis);  simple and evocative of peak Farrah Fawcett. In other words, a neoprene bathing suit is the perfect blend of fun, sophisticated and durable. 

Latex allergies are such a pain, especially if you're looking to broaden your sartorial horizons with exciting new fabrics. But, fret not, because neoprene is latex free. The fabric also "performs well in contact with oils and many chemicals and remains useful over a wide temperature range. That is why many companies use neoprene (rubber) for protective gear and clothing" according to neoprene manufacturers at Macro International

Shop these 9 neoprene pieces to ad some high fashion swag to your wardrobe:
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T By Alexander Wang Flared Neoprene Top - $149
Marble Jacket - $102
WTR London Chelsea Luxe Cropped Neoprene Trousers Grey - €364
WTR London Chelsea A Line Neoprene Skirt Rust - €238
Lisa Marie Fernandez Farrah Neoprene Swimsuit - $415
City Chic Take Me Out Scuba Knit Dress - $129
Duskii Ochre Crop Bikini Top - $98 and Bottom - $64
Prada Cutout Neoprene Sneakers - $625