8 Plus Size Fashion Bloggers You Must Follow

"Happiness isn't a dress size".

We at Wheretoget are always looking to fashion and beauty bloggers for style secrets and tips. Something we appreciate in particular is diversity and coming at fashion from different angles and view points. With that in mind, we thought we'd share with you the names of some plus size blogs that you need to follow. Covering a broad range of styles, from fierce femininity to overtly sexy to proving that there's a way for people of all shapes and sizes to wear on-trend styles, here's how they're wearing it.


You may know GabiFresh from her recent sellout collaboration with Swimsuitsforall, or any one of her other hugely successful campaigns. Since launching her blog as a post-grad back in 2008, Gabi has gone on to become one of the plus size community’s most prominent independent bloggers. Her style is always sharp and on-trend, fearless in its provocativeness and feminine in detail. 

Nadia Aboulhosn

Nadia Aboulhosn embraces her sexuality with all the confidence of any other young, beautiful blogger. Her blog is a great resource for contemporary styling tips with an elegant-yet-sporty twist. As well as fashion, she covers a wide range of subjects in the fields of health, beauty and travel. 

Tanesha Awasthi

This San Francisco-based blogger lives the pastel, sun-drenched life you would expect of anyone living in such a colorful city. She creates a combination of fashion and lifestyle image and video posts and featured as one of our very first Bloggers In Your City, when we interviewed her with some of our most pressing questions. Read it here. 

The Plus Sized

Though not the most frequently updated fashion blog, Mayra Louise posts insightful and honest musings on topics which reach far beyond herself, promoting all-round good will and humanity. Plus she has sweet style and dreamy hair. 

Jay Miranda

Just read the about section on Jay Miranda's blog and try not to instantly want to be friends with her. She's honest, funny and often channels Carrie Bradshaw between raising her child and dishing out style tips. 

Trendy Curvy

Coming to you straight from California, expect Kristine's outfits to be filled with bursts of color among more classic, casual outfits. She's living proof that curvy girls can and should be trendy (if they want to). 

Curvy Girl Chic

Allison Teng has collaborated with all sorts of your favorite fashion retailers, including ASOS and Simply Be. She is uncompromising in her approach to contemporary style, finding a way where she can to rock the latest trends. 

Nicolette Mason

Even though she was also featured on our LGBTQ bloggers guide, Nicolette Mason deserves a second mention for her unwavering sense of style which just keeps giving. Inherently feminine in a traditional sense, she has a special talent for putting a modern twist on a classic style and staging beautiful fashion shoots, too.