A Step-By-Step Guide To Walking In Heels

No more going head-over-heels on the dance floor.

Some people seem to have an inherent knack for walking in heels. Unfortunately, we do not all fall into that category, but that’s okay. The trick to mastering heels lies in taking the gradual steps towards a sky-scraping pump via, for example, a less threatening glove heel, followed by a chunky sandal, and so on, until you finally arrive at that six-inch stiletto that’s been gathering dust in your closet.
It’s just not cute to stagger around downtown in your Jeffrey Campbells. You’ll be walking with a hunchback, on par with that thing from Alien. So, aside from understanding the evolution of your heel selection, you should remember a few tips about walking in general:
1.    Roll your shoulders back, let them fall, and relax. This is how you achieve decent posture (but don’t be too stiff).
2.    Suck your butt cheeks in. Wasn’t that fun? Also, this will help your back’s posture.
3.    Walk in small steps from your heel to your toe. It’s a common mistake to think that long, stiff strides make walking easier. 
4.    Find a sense of rhythm. One of our editors said she equates walking in pumps to like being on horseback. 
5.    Practice, practice, practice. 

Here is our guide to mastering the heel, in all of its reincarnations. Scroll to the bottom to shop 11 pumps we love. 
Image: via @spiritanigal on Instagram 

It's hard to go wrong with a solid, chunky glove heel. Aside from being very on-trend, this style is the perfect launching-pad for someone who has never worn even the slightest heel. 
Image: Blog-stilista.com

If it's good enough for Audrey Hepburn, it's good enough for us. Designer icons like Roger Vivier helped spearhead this style back in the day, and it continues to be an accessible, classic option for fashionistas. 
Image: via @cassiagoncalves_blog on Instagram 

This will be easy!" said everyone ever about espadrilles – and how wrong they were. While a pair of these babies is easier to strut in than a stiletto, the seemingly chunky heel has a tendency to concave inwards, leading you to a potentially wobbly situation. 
Image: Somethingnavy.com

Congratulations! You've mastered other, novice-level pumps and have arrived at the "classic heel." Between two- and three- inches tall, these babies will remain a versatile piece of your wardrobe for life (so go ahead and invest in a really, really great pair). 
Image: Freepeople.com

Oh, Block Heel, let us count the ways in which we love thee: you're flattering, sturdy and give the illusion we're mastering some sort of balancing act when we wear you. The thickness of this shoe's heel gives you all the height of a needle-thin stiletto, and next to none of the instability. 
Image: via @louboutinworld via Instagram 

If you're casually walking out of the house in a pair of Louboutins, you've officially mastered the art of the heel. Do you even need our advice anymore? 

Once you've found your level, here are 11 pairs of heels from novice to expert to see you through the year: 
Burgundy High Glove Heels - $550
suede Ballerinas With Heel - $50
Kitten Heel Pumps - $645
Suede Stiletto Heel - $125
Miracle worker Strappy Heels - $42
Vera Suede Bootie - $165.60
Lauren Wedge Espadrilles - $660
Studded Suede Espadrille Wedge Sandals - $356
Stiletto Heel Sandals - $36
Make Me Denim Heels - $38
Pigalle - $675

Cover image: Somethingnavy.com