You Only Need These 4 Pairs Of Jeans

Time to reassess your denim collection.

The jeans conundrum: so many pairs in your closet, but only one or two you actually wear. If you find yourself buying the same pair of jeans over and over again, it’s time to reevaluate. 

We’re here to help you curate a focused playlist of jeans that will hit every potential scenario that could possibly require denim (which, let’s face it, is just about every scenario). 

So the next time you find yourself lusting after another pair of dark wash skinnies, hold back that 2010 era impulse in favor of something fresher and more versatile. Ahead, the four pairs of jeans you need in your closet.

The absolute essential for day-to-night looks, these pair with Converse, stilettos, and everything in between, which means they should be a permanent fixture in your denim rotation. Style correctly, you could even get away with these in an interview. 

This is a trend we can't get enough of and we see it being around for some time to come. Consider if the sophisticated older sister to your beloved overly distressed denim. The beauty of this pair lies in the fact that you'll be totally on trend, but also comfortable. Take these jeans for a city trip, brunch or a picnic in the park and you'll never regret your choice. 

For those of you who thought you couldn’t pull this shape off, try again. This trend has totally exploded lately, giving us plenty of options that work for all shape and size. Loving these for a casual brunch or a lazy day outfit that’s still chic.

The Everyday Jeans - goodbye, dark wash skinnies; hello medium wash high-waisted. The much chicer older sister of our old go-to is form-flattering and subtly fashionable, for a look you can live in.

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