How To Be A #GirlBoss Who Still Has Time To Work Out

Our new favorite blogger weighs in.

During our usual scroll through the blogosphere, we came across Kristina Petrick of day in my dreams. We were immediately attracted by the blog's minimalist appeal, the clean, consistent colors, the serif font. Kristina is a Wisconsin native based in Virginia. Not only does she work as a visual marketing manager at shoe company, she owns, in her own words,  "a huge, unspeakable amount of shoes." We can relate. While Kristina has an affinity for travel, she finds beauty in stillness.It's something she captures in her blog, a characteristic that sets it apart in the saturated, chaotic digital community.

It was the post "let the sweat roll" that really got us inspired. With so many of our readers heading back to school or balancing busy fall work schedules, we wanted to talk to Kristina about how to stay active and to feel confident while doing it. Overdue for a workout ourselves, we reached out to Kristina to weigh in on the topic.  

Wheretoget: How do you incorporate exercise as part of your daily routine? We know we’re supposed to pick the stairs over the escalator, for example, but it’s not enough when we’re sitting in front of a computer all day long. 
Kristina Petrick: It’s a challenge, no doubt! Consistency is definitely the key – it’s easy to keep going once you’re in the habit (addicting actually). It's also helpful to have a routine that you can do without equipment. Yoga, running, lunges, crunches… so many good workouts you can do from home or hotel. And use those extra minutes in your day. If you work in front of a computer like me, walk around the block while the coffee is brewing. Even better, pack some light workout gear and spend half of your lunch break on a quick sprint.

WTG: You mentioned a former obsession with Bikram yoga. Is that your go-to workout? How has your routine changed along with your hectic schedule?
KP: I am totally obsessed with Bikram; the only problem is it’s a 90-minute routine, and carving out that time can be nearly impossible. Instead of giving it up, I try to cut the routine in half doing each pose once instead of twice. Cheating? Perhaps. It’s not in a hot room when I do it on my own either. But when you’re pinched for time you have to be adaptable. My go-to now with a tighter schedule balancing the blog, a full-time job and a personal life is more of a mash-up. I do interval sprints for 25 minutes and yoga for 25-45 minutes depending on my open time frame. I’d like to say I do that 4-6 times a week, but frankly that’s not always true. Don’t make excuses, but do be flexible with yourself. 
Don’t make excuses, but do be flexible with yourself. 
WTG:  What motivates you to stay active while being so busy? 
KP: Teach me that trick and I’ll love you forever. My friends post photos of ab-laden girls on their phones and computers but I can’t say I’ve tried that yet. Honestly, I feel better when I stay active, and even though it can be a time-sucker. I find I get more done the days I’m also slabbing out some time for a workout. But nothing gets me moving like a good fast-pace beat. I try playing some tunes about 10 minutes before I wrap up work. That way by the time I’m off my body is itching to move.

WTG: You always seem to be on the go. When traveling, what do you always bring with you?
KP: Ooo good question. With time constraints, packing has to be pretty much down to a science. Must haves: a portable charger, a small cross-body bag that fits into my much larger bag to accommodate office-to-cocktail situations, earbuds, running shoes and lots and lots of bottled water. I also just got this travel tote from Lo & Sons that I’m pretty excited about.
WTG: You mentioned you have a big shoe collection. What are your favorite brands and why? Also, flats or heels?
KP: Flats. Even better, slippers. All day, everyday. Except for boss-lady days. Then heels are required. I finally treated myself to the over-the-top Princetown Gucci fur-lined slippers and literally been living in them. I also love everything Phillip Lim, ACNE, Vince, Alexander Wang and Givenchy. Tailored, minimal and modern designs with a bit of edge definitely dominate my wardrobe, and comfort is the most important factor to me when it comes to footwear. 

Flats. Even better, slippers. All day, everyday. Except for boss-lady days.Then heels are required.

For some more attainable lines, I’m a huge fan girl of Aussie brand Windsor Smith, and also have to mention Naked Feet since I used to work for the mother company – and have worn their Hadidd sandal to death.

WTG: The WTG team loves your Instagram feed. What’s the secret to getting it to look so good – especially striking the balance between sporty and feminine? 
KP: Thank you! For style, to me it’s all about what you actually wear. I like some feminine looks, but I’m also pretty laid back and like to get my hands dirty. So fashion very closely reflects my lifestyle. My Insta is also color-themed, so that adds a lot of consistency and flow that you may not have otherwise. To me it’s about a story, and a good story must have a plot, a voice and a journey. This one is mine: a day in my dreams.

Image: via @dayinmydreams on Instagram

WTG: What positive message do you hope to spread by reaching such a big audience through your online and social media presence? 
KP: I will now attempt to proceed without becoming immensely cheesy and sentimental. When I first started, I never imaged the reach would go as far as it has. To me, blogging is a creative outlet, a passion and something I enjoy sharing and experiencing with like-minded souls. 

Dream like it’s your reality, then make it so. Nothing is stopping you but yourself.

Now, I hope to inspire people to people to live to their full potential. Dream like it’s your reality, then make it so. Nothing is stopping you but yourself. The words “day in my dreams” were meant to represent that. If you don’t think that’s possible, get off your couch – and make it happen. You were meant to live, so live fully. 

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All images courtesy of Kristina Petrick.