What Androgynous Means For Your Hairstyle

Gender-neutral 'dos, no scissors required.

Another exhilarating season of Men’s Fashion Week in Paris has, sadly, come to a close. As we reported on the best stories from the runways this season, from gender-bending at Vivienne Westwood to the drama-drenched Louis Vuitton collab that no one was expecting, we were inspired big-time. 

Over the past week we've been learning to incorporate more menswear into our own closets, from simple staple pieces to full-blown collections straight from the AW17 runway. But to really bring the look full circle, we're still after that final, crowing touch. That's right, we're talking about experimenting with androgynous hairstyles. 

If the sound of a barber's clipper buzzing by your ear isn't exactly what you had in mind, don't panic: all of the looks below can be recreated without putting a pair of scissors anywhere near those luscious locks of yours, whatever your hair type or length. These looks allow you the liberty of exploring a number of different styles from the comfort of your own home without having to go all the way. 

So, before you book that appointment for a buzz-cut complete with an ombré fade, check out our tips for recreating these 4 do-it-yourself androgynous hairstyles:

Image: Dailymail.co.uk
How to do it:
1. Mist brushed-out hair with a heat protecting spray. Take a straightener and begin straightening your hair, pulling the front pieces back.
2. When you are finished, take a comb and use it to tease the section of hair closest to your forehead to give it some volume.
3. If you would like a bit more texture to this look, go ahead and add a texturizing spray. After spraying it over your hair and on the roots, tousle your hair and mess it up a bit.
4. Add some hair oil to the crown and to the ends of your hair for that slick, wet look. If you have long hair, try pulling it into a high ponytail for that high-fashion touch.
5. Seal all your hard work and smooth all fly-aways with a final mist of hairspray.
How to wear it:
For the ultimate all-eyes-on-you entrance, pair this sophisticated and edgy style with a crisp-cut suit and statement earrings.

Image: via @elliottsailors on Instagram
How to do it:
1. With brushed-out hair, section the half off into topknot. If you have long hair, pull the rest into a high ponytail.
2. Tease the top section by taking small sections and combing down in the back, so that volume is created in the front of the hair. Do this until all the top section is finished.
3. Take your comb and smooth the teased top section of your hair, taking care to not flatten it. Go over it with a layer of hairspray, continuing to shape your pompadour into its desired form - straight back, or with a little swoop to the side. Secure the ends of the teased top section with bobby pins.
4. As always, set your hard work with a final mist of hairspray.
How to wear it:
The pompadour is a funky 'do that jazzes up just about any outfit. Play up this unique style by contrasting it against this classic combo: white dress shirt, leather jacket and dark lipstick.
Image: via Pinterest
How to do it:
1. Brush out your hair, then part it to the side.
2. Mist your hair with a heat protecting spray. Start working with a straighter, straightening and pulling the ends in slightly, like in a traditional bob. 
3. Finish by straightening the pieces of hair that frame your face, adding a bit more wave.
4. Go over your work with a comb and hairspray, using it to coax your hair into staying in the desired shape and to smooth any flyaway strands.
5. Lastly, add some shine spray for that extra gloss. Tuck your hair back or secure it with an elastic, and you're good to go!
How to wear it:
Rock this structured bob with – what else – a '60s shift dress. Layer a cool, structured tuxedo jacket over it to put a contemporary twist on a vintage classic.
Image: Models.com
How to do it:
1. Brush out and detangle your hair, then part it to the side.
2. Mist your hair with a heat protecting spray. With the styling instrument of your choice, start curling it into the form of loose, wavy curls, or even just defining certain curls. If your curls are already prominent, you can also use a blow dryer in order to loosen them up and give them your desired shape.
3. Run some coconut oil to your curls to define them, while tousling and combing them through with your fingers in order to add texture. This shouldn't look perfect, so mess them up a bit.
How to wear it:
Top off your gorgeous mop of curls with a fedora and an outfit that, much like your tousled waves, allows for movement and freedom: silk blazers, roomy shirts and your most comfortable distressed denim.
Here are some hair products and accessories to help you channel the spirit of androgyny beyond Fashion Week:
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Cover image: Models.com