6 Well-Travelled Bloggers Reveal Their One Carry-On Must

Hand baggage sorted for life.

Taking off on a vacation is exciting, but the organization required can be daunting. After confirming plans for accommodation, travel and itinerary, there is still that one last hurdle of preparing the perfect suitcase. We’ve left it to the pros to put together a list of six tips for what you need in your carry on to achieve vacation nirvana, whether you are headed to the beach or exploring a new city.

To make the process smoother and less painful, we asked 6 well-travelled bloggers to fill us in on the one essential thing they've learnt to pack in their carry-on.

Full-time traveler Courtney Scott covers travel and style on her blogInstagram, and video diaries. She’s been spotted on TV sharing travel tips all over the world. Open her carry on and you’ll find sandals that make travel comfortable and cool.

“I always travel with my Naot matte black leather “Kayla” sandals. The matte black leather is super stylish but above-all, they are the most comfortable sandals I have worn. I'm sometimes on my feet for 14-hour shoots in all kinds of terrain and these sandals stand up to it all. They are shock absorbent and have an anatomic cork design that feels like you're walking on a cloud.”


Creative brand and talent consultant Amy Marietta is a lifestyle blogger who captures the world on her stylish online platform. She just launched her own line of silk scarves, AM CLUB; a trend we’re so into.  But her ultimate carry-on item is all about the skin.

 Image: amymarietta.com

“I always pack a tinted moisturizer with SPF. I wear minimal make-up when traveling but I always keep my Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer in my bag to keep my skin hydrated and protect me from the sun rays that my dermatologist reminds me to avoid at all costs.”

Looking for moisture but not the color? Kamara Harding, founder of the blog Euriental, also emphasized the importance of skin care when you’re on the go. Kamara’s online identity captures her mixed European and Chinese origins, and she uses the blog as an outlet to explore her love for fashion and extravagant travel. 
 Image: euriental.com
“Aside from the obvious — camera, lip balm, etc. — the one item I always pack is an SPF face cream because I'm obsessed with keeping my skin young. Currently I'm using Avene Hydrance Optimale. It's perfect as a lightweight, daily moisturizer.”

Lorna Andrews’ blog, Lorna Luxe, is dedicated to sharing beautiful photos and style inspiration. And as she’s travel savvy, Lorna shows us how the plane can become a meditation space. Come equipped for the journey.

Image: lornaluxe.com

“I recommend carrying earplugs. Airplanes are probably one of the few places I get to switch off and dodge my inbox so a mid-flight snooze is always my favorite indulgence.”

Sarah Mack is a financial analyst whose true passion is when she’s out of the office  and discovering a new place. She compiles travel information for her followers on her blog, O The Places We’ll Go, in the form of articles and city guides. Her idea of a packing essential means being ready for business, wherever you are.

“I always bring a case to collect the business cards of places I discover; a well-traveled friend turned me onto the idea. Pamela Barsky makes the cutest fabric pouches that are easy to pack and fit an infinite amount of cards.”


Jasmin Howell, founder of one of Australia’s most influential fashion and travel blogs, Friend in Fashion, is no stranger to the sun. From her local swimspot to vacations in the Maldives, Jasmin provides a visual guide to a jet setter’s kind of a life. What is her travel must? A pair of oversized shades.

“I love my Miu Miu noir Cat eye sunglasses. After a long trip, they hide a multitude of sins, and are effortlessly chic.”