meel.molinalefranc: Lookin' for this beautiful nail polish please!
nail polish nail polish cute rings and tings red hair nylons silk skirt iridescent holographic nails girly dope korean fashion silver ring knuckle ring lilac metallic nails metallic pastel pink nail accessories glass nails glossy pretty color? pink purple nailpolish rainbow reflect ring opal shiny hipster holographic nail art nail art nail tip silver olographic nails pearl holographic nail polish where do i get this polish or foil? pearl cool nails opi opi fake nails iridescence nail polish pink shiny shimmery shiney pearlescent hologram nails chrome nail polish nail polish chrome
meel.molinalefranc: Lookin' for this beautiful nail polish please!

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Took me forever and a day, but I think I found them. They're false nails for sure:
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this is not exact the product in the photo but is something similar
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Thank you (:

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Here they are:
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i think this is the same one ?
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looks like buffed down nail powder with a glossy taco

avatar imagelkafaka

These are stick on nails by a brand called elegant touch, you can get it in boots and superdrug

avatar imageamyking6601

those are called iridescent nails ... search them up on YouTube ... easy steps on how to do them .

avatar imageMiya_

Where do I get it from? :-)

avatar imagelittlecoco2008

It's not polish its a foil sheet

avatar imageXotic_i_Candy

If you look closely you can see that they are fake nails, and I know they are fake because I have a box of them in my room

avatar imageNommingZombieh

Though they were false full cover tips, but there are actual nail vanish that are chrome and they look like this! The nail industry is huge and new products come out everyday so I was hoping this was one of those polishes :( want it so baaaaad!!!!

avatar imagepurplepuff


avatar imagea2pocalypse

Where you get the nail polish?

avatar imageIllya123

American apparel

avatar imagexchristinenguyenx

I would like to know where you can get this nail polish, but I am beginning to think that it is a hoax!! No one is getting any answers on this matter!!

avatar imagekenna.peacock.1


avatar imagemimic_wear

It's not a nail polish.. It's stick on nails.. I forgot the brand

avatar imagemili_mermaid


avatar imagetheoraharvey

Is this a nail polish?

avatar imageBecky14

Pretty sure this is an Essie nail polish

avatar imageellabkbackup@gmail.com

well I saw this on an Instagram video I think it was by nailartvids and they had a tutorial on this.

avatar imageAndreasworld

Something similar. With violet

avatar imagea2pocalypse

Syudy the thumb nail closer and you can see what I'm talking about.

avatar imagea2pocalypse

Minx nail stickers or something like that

avatar imageliislukk

layla hologram effect nail polish on Amazon ❤️

avatar imagefernandagarza95

Sorry to disappoint girls but these are press on nails and not nail polish you will find similar ones on www.eBay.com under "hologram polish" or "hologram nails" hope I've helped xx :)

avatar imageReknee36


avatar imageelisazammit


avatar imageatti2ude09

its white and violet gradient airbrushed fake nails topped with a gel top coat giving it a holographic look. You can get this done at a salon where they do airbrushing or have them premade on fake nails and then just glue them on.

avatar imagea2pocalypse

I would say they're acrylics sort of thing

avatar imageemj

I asked the person who took the original pic and she said that they are NAIL WRAPS. She got her nails done in KOREA so she doesn't know where or how to get the wraps.

avatar imageCamilaKilla

Maybelline colour transforming top coat, found it at tk maxx for £2, if I knew how to load a picture I would :)

avatar imagemollyslatch

I think a silver foil with a good pink over it might work too, Model's Own have some good colours that are transparent enough to work over silver foil.

avatar imagedaisypunkgoth

Though maybelline has discontinued this product Layla Mirror Effect Nail Polish has become a frontrunner in chrome/mirrored nail polish. The mirrored look is more of an effect/technique, while we are more familiar with chrome and metallic nail polishes. Google keywords such as mirrored and chrome nails. Hope this helps!

avatar imagemelaninrich

I don't think its a nail laqur. I was thinking a press on because of the PERFECT shape of the nails , that or a holographic foil over acrylic nails.

avatar imagegoldengirlxo

i think these are fake nails, i have them in silver from primark

avatar imagevelvet--glitter

I searched for a nail foil but found nothing "nacre, mother-of-pearl" alike... only a naillacque from revlon called Lavender soap it's a nice one a bit shimmery, maybe you can combine it with white or pink and seal it up with topcoat.. hope this helps :*

avatar imagebossy94

Sally Hansen pink chrome nail polish!! Almost exactly alike

avatar imageasdfghjklsara
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