mcbramson and 1135 more want to know where to get these jewels
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mcbramson and 1135 more want to know where to get these jewels

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A really REALLY similar ring here! :) This type of ring will be labelled as Art Nouveau, Filigree, Victorian, Antique, Solitaire, or a mixture of any of these :) If you go on Etsy and type any of these in you'll find loads of similar rings to choose from <3 :)

Hope that helps!
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this is absolutely beautiful I want it!!!

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It is not similar at all. Please look at the detail. How do you think it is similar?

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So cute a dream ring

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This is like close but guys...its not a fashion ring its like and engagement/wedding
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That's the idea :)

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Sorry if it isn't the ring you were looking for but, this is very similar. Hope this helps! :)
there probably wont be anything exactly the same but check eBay they have loads of really cheap cute rings x
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Awesome Work. gadecosmetics.se

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Hi, this diamond engagement ring and picture is from the ring shop Evolees in Seattle, Washington, but their online shop doesn’t seem trustworthy and I can’t link to the shop… sorry…

avatar imageMikael

It seems whenever I click on the chic.com website where people have said the ring is on sale, it takes me to a broken web page. Does anybody have the full link?

avatar imageadam2569

If the ring is a yellow gold color, it may be little closer to this ring.

avatar imagechuchu12

where I caaaan get this ring????????? plz help

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avatar imageelyselarkins

We can make custom jewelry (even this) at our site. http://www.riofire.com. 40+ years of experience in silversmithing, goldsmithing, jewelry all together. :) You show us what you want, and we can get it done!
We do all sorts of custom jewelry!! Just message us on Etsy and we can get it done!!

avatar imageskyfallisbase

I'm pretty sure you can find this on etsy too..

avatar imagekimrod123

oh my god too expensive :'(

avatar imagecassandraaaaaaaaa

Hi all, if you want the ring please contact me. thanks xx

avatar imageKavafian

One closest i found was http://www.paradedesign.com/
Hera Bridal engagement ring.

avatar imagechuchu12

This is absolutely gorgeous, wow..

avatar imagebronya.97

Way way cheaper at stylesforless

avatar imagenyamccastlee
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