taylor.freeman.54772 and 1870 more want to know where to get these shoes
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taylor.freeman.54772 and 1870 more want to know where to get these shoes

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"Burton" collection nikeX Liberty
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Are these sold in men sizes or boy sizes?

On nike.com... *PLEASE* the same.
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Liberty x Nike WMNS "bourton" pack

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Already found those but the nike.com store doesn't deliver to countries other than America..

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Take a look at RMKstore.com
They ship worldwide

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They are sold out:((( can i get them anywheree at all??

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The same *PLEASE*
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Find some on eBay but they are expensive
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Wrong price, it is 189£

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Guess i'm gonna cry they are so damn expensive

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avatar imagekuyjkyjrt

Nike roshe runs

avatar imagemubtc

Nike x Liberty of London Womens Air Max 1s
(I wish you and your girlfriend the best of luck)

avatar imagemidcity_ant

Nike x Liberty Navy Bourton Liberty Print Air Max 1 Trainers

avatar imageprinsessenadja

hello, can you subscribe to my profile please

avatar imageGlams

U guys r the best

avatar imageASVP.ROCKY.APO

I want this! Where find these shuuuuz ? :(

avatar imagediane.miquel


avatar imageASVP.ROCKY.APO

Liberty of London Nike Air Max

avatar imageanonymous

Liberty of London Nike Air Max

avatar imageanonymous

air max 1

avatar imageorodeaoy

Its Nike Air Max Liberty of London Edition

avatar imagemisa_amane

they come from the collaboration Nike X Liberty "Bourton " collection you can find other models of the collection here http://www.liberty.co.uk/womenswear_shoes/dept/fcp-category/categorylist?isSearchFilterSuffix=true&results=60&visModel=CHANNEL&filters=BRAND_FILTER:Nike+x+Liberty&page=1

avatar imageTouchka

Its the Air Max 1 from Nike X Liberty Collection "Bourton" that was released 2013, but not available anymore. Maybe they could be found on beat or something like this

avatar imagelexxnie

those are Air Max 1 Liberty

avatar imagevher.p.cruz

I looked for them, but they're sold out EVERYWHERE. Most pairs have been found on eBay though!

avatar imageemonlott

where can you get these?

avatar imagetianawilliamsx

Liberty of London Nike Air Max

avatar imageanonymous

They can be found on Nike.com under the womans sportswear section

avatar imagesherri.scott.142

go on nike.com and find these shoes. if you can find them but without that print, you can personalize them! it's easy

avatar imageabcdefghilmnopq

Ou est ce que l'on peut les avoir ?!

avatar imagexavier.defruyt

Ce sont des air max 1 liberty london mais il me semble qu'elles sont en

avatar imagehua.lena

They are "Limited Editions" by Nike and Liberty London, most likely they're already sold :/

avatar imageschwalbenmeer

Lol Step by Step...
Go to Nike.com
Click on Womans Shoes
Click on ALL womans Shoes
These exact sneakers (if im not buggin) are in the To Live section
**They cost $140**

im sorry i do not know how to copy and paste the link on my phone

avatar imagesherri.scott.142

It's the air max liberty 2013

avatar imagekarinou

Its called the Liberty x Nike 2013 Air Max 1 “Bourton”. Its from an entire collection though I dunno where to find it

avatar imageTheOfficialBriii69

Liberty for Nike collection last year. Try Ebay

avatar imagekathryncameron


avatar imagesecoleman

These are nike Air max Liberty(:
Available at every sneakers shop

avatar imageAnonymous101099
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