PinkLuLu: NEED....!!!!! Please :)
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PinkLuLu: NEED....!!!!! Please :)

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Had a look through the blog, (Where you can get in contact and order them) There are no prices on there because they are custom made, Here's a totally stunning lookalike <3 Hope this helps! <3
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It's a veluz Reyes custom made wedding dress. Here is her blog about that dress she designed
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And some photos from this wedding : http://paulvincentphoto.com/blog/?p=10229

avatar imagepotterhead

Dress by Veluz Reyes

avatar imagepotterhead

Jiovani I think. The beading is very familiar to their dresses.

avatar imagej.chantel

veluze rayes but i can't finde an online shop

avatar imagenadine996

This exact dress is by designer Veluz Reyes, <3 It's a wedding dress :) and it's on their Faceook Page, it has no details about it, and isn't on their website where you order the dresses.


Here' the facebook link, go to photos > Albums and it's under Meryll :)

avatar imageXenxen

I found the designer!! Her name is Veluz Reyes and he makes custom gowns- all very beautiful (as you can see). Check out his website! http://veluzreyes.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2012-03-18T09:40:00%2B08:00&max-results=3&start=9&by-date=false

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