craaveyou and 4 more want to know where to get these shoes
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craaveyou and 4 more want to know where to get these shoes

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These are no normal nike sneakers. in fact, you’ll never find these in any nike store anywhere in the world really. quite simply, i designed these myself. kinda like a wmbw x nike collaboration, just without all the ensuing royalties
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That’s right people, with the launch of nike.co.za comes our access to nike id and with that the loss of multiple hours creating your dream shoes! the moment i told everyone at the office about this, boom! the office became a nike design studio. you can design pretty much any shoe, changing virtually every element from the sole to the swoosh and everything in between
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I decided on the nike internationalists because of the retro silhouette and low profile but the air pegasus were a close second. the trick for me was keeping it neutral, it gives you the versatility to dress it up and down with pretty much anything you want, at some point i was even tempted to go all grey…or all white, or grey and white…i designed about 10 pairs before settling on these guys
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That’s it folks. if you’re looking for something a little unique i definitely suggest giving nike id a try and customising some sneakers. i’ve been back to nike.co.za few times, got my eyes on customising a pair of lunar flyknits for the gym. what? no one said you cant stay fancy an. well, until now that is
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The trick to dressing it up is…as with everything else in fashion, in the details. a little pattern goes a long way in making your look more casual, in this case a lot of pattern went even further. sneakers generally have a higher rise on your foot than formal shoes, so go for a cropped trouser, and a turn up if you can, you want to create that distinctive separation to show those kicks off! in this case a simple shirt worked best, there was enough pattern going on in the jacket and trousers. finishing details to give it that dapper edge was a simple linen pocket square and blue lapel flower to tie in with  the trousers

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